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What Causes Water to Transfer Inside Your Physique?

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One of many fascinating issues about science is that whereas it is a superb software for discerning the character of actuality, it would concurrently refuse to have a look at knowledge with implications that problem the present scientific orthodoxy. So an unlucky state of affairs is created the place science advances data to some extent however then reverses polarities and paradoxically turns into a barrier to that development.

A superb illustration of this dynamic could be seen with water, and because of this, a lot of its properties are comparatively unknown. One of the vital vital properties is that offered ambient infrared power is current within the setting and a polar floor exists, water can assume a semi-solid state the place it behaves like a liquid crystalline construction.

Since a good portion of the water inside the physique is within the liquid crystalline state, the organic penalties of this water, in my eyes, signify a key forgotten facet of medication.

In the primary a part of this sequence, I mentioned the lengthy lineage of scientists who’ve studied this semi-solid type of water, adopted by itemizing a few of the key properties of this gel-like 4th part of water and what causes it to kind. Because it has been studied by so many, it has many names (e.g., interfacial water or EZ water) and hereafter will likely be known as liquid crystalline water, which I consider is essentially the most correct description for it.

Within the second a part of the sequence, I mentioned how water’s skill to turn out to be a partial stable via its liquid crystalline part explains lots of the structural mysteries of the physique. The physique and its tissues have a major power and sturdiness one would anticipate finding in a stable, however on the similar time, it has a excessive diploma of flexibility and capability for fast motion one would count on in a liquid.

Observe: The references for the assertions on this part could be discovered inside these two articles.

As a result of liquid crystalline water is successfully each a stable and liquid, it might accommodate these conflicting calls for. An unbelievable diploma of pure engineering, in flip, exists inside the physique to make the most of its properties to perform each.

Along with creating construction (together with, for instance, the boundaries that shield your blood vessels from harm, which additionally occur to be an important goal of the spike protein’s toxicity), the physique additionally often makes use of part transitions between water’s liquid crystalline state and its common liquid state.

The transitions are vital as a result of they supply the mechanisms that underlie quite a lot of physiologic processes our present fashions fail to elucidate successfully. For instance, as mentioned within the article, there are a selection of great inconsistencies inside the present mannequin to elucidate how muscle groups contract, however they haven’t been critically critiqued as a result of no higher mannequin exists for muscle perform.

The part transition mannequin as a substitute argues that muscle groups are designed to kind liquid crystalline water. The formation of that water contained in the muscle tissue naturally expands and stretches the muscle tissue. Then when the liquid crystalline water is transitioned again to its common liquid state, the muscle quickly contracts since an expansive strain is not current to withstand the strain in its stretched proteins.

One other different fascinating purposes of this expansive pressure is that it permits vegetation and seedlings to interrupt aside rock stable objects as they develop. Equally, the formation of liquid crystalline water (which holds a damaging cost) with an instantly adjoining layer of positively charged protons creates {an electrical} cost gradient. Fairly than dissipating, this gradient persists (primarily functioning as a battery), and this cost could be measured straight.

Thus, some of the fascinating traits of liquid crystalline water is that it successfully capabilities as an power supply dwelling programs can make the most of. Its skill to spontaneously transfer right into a extra structured kind (which the muscle groups, for instance, make the most of) is one such instance. Among the different critically vital utilizations of water’s skill to transform ambient infrared power right into a usable type of power embody:

Photosynthesis — To my data, liquid crystalline water’s contribution to this course of has not but been totally labored out. Nevertheless, frequencies of sunshine that enhance liquid crystalline water have been reported to extend plant development, and a particulate materials that was designed to extend the formation of liquid crystalline water was proven to create a minimum of a 2-3-fold enhance in root size and/or formation of shoots.

Nerve sign conduction (brokers that block the formation of liquid crystalline water block nerve perform, and nerve sign conduction relies upon upon a part transition inside the neuron).

Mobile transport and division (these additionally seem to rely upon water’s part transitions).

Fluid circulation.

Fluid Circulation

If the circulation of a stream is obstructed, the water there’ll rapidly rework from clear pristine water to a murky pool with quite a few issues rising in it and is not drinkable. Chinese language Drugs, in flip, often makes use of this course of as a metaphor for what happens inside the physique when stagnation happens inside the physique’s personal fluids.

Observe: Along with this stagnation inflicting ache and infections, this stagnation is also a standard reason behind irritation.

Sadly, past the risks of blood clots or strokes, few recognize simply how very important wholesome fluid circulation is for the physique or what number of several types of fluids transfer via the physique. Conversely, I consider lots of the advantages attributed to quite a lot of therapies come up from their rising fluid circulation inside the physique.

For instance, train is well-known for enhancing anxiousness and melancholy (to the purpose the advantages of train exceed the advantages of the extremely harmful drugs we sometimes give for anxiousness and melancholy).

Equally, the identical profit is usually reported following vigorous intercourse. In each instances, numerous explanations have been proposed, comparable to “the exercise produces endorphins,” however it should even be acknowledged fluid motion of the physique concurrently happens. I personally consider within the stagnation speculation for a couple of key causes:

1. Every thing in our trendy lives encourages fluid stagnation (e.g., sitting at a pc all day).

2. I sometimes observe these with the best diploma of fluid stagnation carry the best psychological burdens (e.g., they’re extra depressed).

3. I often observe quick enchancment in people with these points following them doing one thing which will increase the fluid circulation inside their our bodies (e.g., infrared saunas).

My views on fluid circulation are usually not distinctive, and quite a lot of healers make use of numerous approaches to enhance fluid circulation within the physique (e.g., therapeutic massage therapists skilled in lymphatic drainage). Equally, I’ve lengthy theorized that a few of the healthiest workouts that exist exert a lot of their profit by rising the physique’s fluid circulation.

For instance, the affected person I do know who has aged one of the best (they’re virtually 90 however look and capabilities like they’re of their 50s) has adopted three quite simple guidelines. Get a lot of daylight (which will increase fluid circulation), often quick, and use a big trampoline (not a rebounder).

The massive trampoline is utilized because the transient zero gravity level the big trampoline creates on the high of a bounce seems to successfully mobilize the fluid inside the physique, which I think is because of most of them being low strain programs and therefore rather more delicate to exterior influences.

Equally, some of the frequent traits I observe within the aged who’ve maintained the performance of their our bodies many years after their friends is that they’ve made some extent to take a stroll every day. I consider the good thing about their routine is that strolling strikes the fluids all through the physique and does so with out straining or damaging the physique (which you see with many different actions over time, like operating on concrete or intensive weight lifting).

Moreover, I’ve additionally seen comparable results in longtime practitioners of conventional Chinese language workouts designed to assist fluid motion inside the physique. Lastly, sure gradual stomach respiratory workouts correlated with selling longevity additionally enhance the fluid circulation of the physique, nonetheless this impact solely holds true for a minority of the numerous respiratory workouts I’ve studied.

Sadly, whereas many healers attempt to work with fluid circulation via the tactic they’re aware of, their outcomes are very inconsistent. Because of this, there’s an immense diploma of variability noticed in response to the innumerable therapies for fluid congestion (though the physicians I’ve discovered who excel on this space are broadly famend for the outcomes they get and have lengthy waitlists to be seen).

After I’ve checked out why there’s such a deficit in methods to handle fluid stagnation contained in the physique, I’ve concluded the first situation is a widespread lack of expertise within the anatomy and physiology of fluid circulation of the physique.

I consider this lack of expertise in the end arises from our scientific system prioritizing discovering molecular mechanisms focused drug therapies could be developed and offered for you somewhat than systemic interventions that may be utilized on a broad, non-specific degree (as these interventions go towards the present medical enterprise mannequin).

The Anatomy and Physiology of Fluid Circulation

One much less appreciated facet of evolution is that numerous useful constraints restrict how massive completely different organisms can get. For instance, in some ways, bugs are rather more environment friendly organisms than animals, however with a couple of exceptions (e.g., a couple of bugs inside the Amazon jungle), they arrive nowhere near the dimensions of an animal and thus are virtually at all times prey to animals.

One cause for that is that bugs breathe via their exoskeletons, and as they get bigger, the ratio between how a lot air could be exchanged over their complete floor space and the wants of the rising quantity of their physique turns into incompatible with life (as one thing expands, the floor space to quantity ratio quickly decreases). Animals, in distinction, have lungs that, attributable to their innumerable foldings, include the large floor space essential to assist life.

The same drawback additionally exists for cells and significantly teams of cells. They require a particular setting to encompass them their inside contents can alternate with. As soon as a primary degree of complexity is achieved, that setting can solely exist if the host organism creates it.

Because of this, just about all dwelling organisms that go that primary degree of complexity separate their inside fluids into completely different compartments and have numerous programs in place to make sure the mandatory circulation out and in of these compartments happens.

On the smallest degree, inside many cells, areas of liquid crystalline water (the place water thus can’t circulation) predominate the cells, whereas channels of bulk state water can be discovered all through the cells. These channels each facilitate the motion of fluid all through the cell.

Extra importantly, it directs the circulation, so every a part of the cell can get what it wants somewhat than the cell relying on random diffusion to carry the correct issues the place they’re wanted and eliminate these that aren’t (which is vital as a result of complicated cells would seemingly be unable to perform underneath the restricted useful capacities random diffusion offers).

Every cell, in flip, is surrounded by interstitial fluid, which has to maneuver to and from the cell. A wide range of completely different circumstances consequence when this circulation shuts down. One of the vital frequent ones medical dissidents have recognized all through the ages is most cancers, an statement which exists in parallel with the statement most cancers cells lose the power to metabolize oxygen.

This has led many to theorize (there’s additionally some proof for this) that most cancers cells signify a primitive survival mechanism the place the cells revert to a kind that focuses on the cancerous cell’s personal survival somewhat than working in concord with the complicated host it belongs to that gives an setting that may assist the cells rising evolutionary sophistication.

Observe: There are a selection of various circumstances that correlate with interstitial fluid stagnation most clinicians in follow have seen. One of the vital fascinating ones my colleagues have noticed is that when the interstitial stagnation turns into excessive, people can lose their will to reside, one thing additionally generally noticed in most cancers sufferers.

As a result of many of those circulations happen inside constructions apart from the traditional vessels (arteries, veins, lymphatic vessels), anatomists have constructed their self-discipline round figuring out, many vital circulatory pathways have solely lately been found. For instance, the Primo Vascular system, the important however well-hidden system that greatest maps to the acupuncture channels, was solely confirmed to exist in 2013.

Within the case of the interstitial fluid, a circulatory community for it that exists all through your entire physique was solely found a couple of years in the past.

Observe: Given its scope and performance, the discovers have argued that this related interstitial fluid community constituted a “new” organ, the interstitium. I discovered this designation fairly fascinating as one of many mysteries of Chinese language Drugs has been what the “Triple Burner” (its twelfth organ) is.

The Triple Burner was first described within the traditional textual content of Chinese language Drugs over two thousand years in the past and has all of the capabilities and acupuncture channel traits of an precise organ, however is acknowledged to lack a discrete bodily kind. Many have speculated the Triple Burner is the fascia, one thing I used to be open to however not offered on. After I learn the seminal paper on the interstitium, it was instantly obvious it matches all of the traits of the elusive Triple Burner organ.

The elemental cause the interstitium had by no means been discovered earlier than was that the collagen constructions that create the vessels for interstitial fluid to journey all through the physique collapse when taken out of the physique and positioned on slides. The thousands and thousands of people that noticed the interstitium’s collagen fibers on slides over the centuries all then assumed the collagen fibers they noticed had been merely mobile particles of no objective.

This drawback is equivalent to the one which has prevented your entire microbiology discipline from recognizing the clear indicators of pleomorphic micro organism often seen underneath the microscope, as they too, are merely assumed to be irrelevant particles.

The discovers of the interstitium had been capable of bypass this situation as a result of whereas utilizing superior instrumentation to observe the circulation of fluid within the physique, they realized that a big ordered circulation of interstitial fluid was occurring, that, in lots of instances, seemed to be taking place inside tiny beforehand unknown vessels. This thus made them have a look at those self same slides to ask the place these vessels might presumably be, they usually finally recognized the collagen vessels.

Perceptual Partitions

This level is vital to grasp as a result of it illustrates some of the frequent pitfalls I see in science and medication — most individuals can’t see one thing refined or complicated until they’ve been primed to search for it.

Past the quite a few scientific discoveries which have fallen prey to this similar lure, I’ve noticed this is likely one of the major causes medical doctors gaslight sufferers — since they aren’t skilled to acknowledge the indicators of complicated accidents, however just for the indicators of a psychiatric sickness, they sometimes will deal with making an attempt to see psychological signs and consider that’s what the sickness is.

One of many main issues in medication (particularly as we have shifted increasingly to an algorithmic mannequin of medication that enforces conformity to scientific pointers and forces medical doctors to follow inside the company mannequin) is that the sphere does nothing to encourage creativity.

Because of this, when complicated sufferers seem that do not make sense, medical doctors not often suppose exterior the field and ask, “What’s going on right here?” As a substitute, they make the most of their closest matching protocol after which, as soon as it fails, dump the affected person on a specialist.

Lots of the best innovators in historical past might see one thing proper in entrance of them everybody else had missed and had the bravery to interrupt from the herd to say it (for which they typically suffered). Due to how often this has occurred all through historical past, I often am high quality with critically contemplating and sharing an statement that places me in battle with my friends.

Equally, in medication, I spotted early on that I might completely hate my life if I had been doing the identical algorithm again and again (no matter how a lot I used to be paid to do it). I therefore made some extent to get laborious instances despatched to me the place I had no concept what was occurring so I might undergo the wrestle of creatively determining what to do.

The tip results of that is that I nonetheless love working towards medication, whereas many older medical doctors I do know who took the protocol route hate their jobs and are solely persevering with to work as a result of they want the wage.

As a remaining level on this matter, many throughout the political spectrum have highlighted the intense points rising in our more and more dysfunctional academic system. One of the vital vital points I’ve observed during the last decade virtually nobody is discussing is the creativity our academic system used to incentivize is now virtually gone.

I consider a lot of America’s success got here from the unbridled ingenuity of this nation, and its loss has been devastating to extra fields than I can depend. For instance, it’s mirrored within the high quality of scholars I see getting into medical faculty and residencies now, as a lot of them actually cannot do something besides replicate what they’re advised to do.

Lymphatic Circulation

Interstitial fluid primarily comprises two issues — vitamins from the bloodstream and waste materials from cells (or invading organisms). The lymphatic system is the drainage system that removes these waste supplies from the interstitial fluid. When it fails to successfully flow into what it’s accountable for eradicating, numerous well being points emerge (together with many which might result in deadly hospitalizations).

A lot of our data of the lymphatic system comes from anatomists having dissected your entire physique and recognized the place each lymphatic vessel is. This led to the longstanding assumption that no lymphatic drainage existed from the mind (which, if you consider the capabilities of the lymphatic system, doesn’t make sense), as no vessels might be discovered.

Finally, ten years in the past, like what occurred with the interstitium, a complicated methodology was used to hint fluid motion all through the physique. As soon as this was performed, it was noticed that lymphatic drainage was occurring inside the mind and dramatically elevated throughout sure sleep phases. These researchers finally found out that the astrocytes had been accountable.

Astrocytes are assist cells current all through the mind that kind the ultimate layer of the blood-brain barrier by totally overlaying every blood vessel with their “ft,” thereby requiring something that enters the mind from the blood vessel to first go via their ft.

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When people slept, the astrocytes, in unison (whereas sustaining the connection between the ft), would barely pull again their ft, creating an area between their ft and the blood vessels. This perivascular area capabilities as the important thing conduit for the glymphatics. The heartbeat of the blood vessel mendacity beneath this area is then theorized to function the pumping mechanism for this motion via these “vessels.”

The glymphatic system is extremely vital, and increasingly, as time strikes ahead, its dysfunction has been linked to quite a lot of power degenerative neurological circumstances.

It has additionally been recognized as a key cause for why a second traumatic mind harm is usually so devastating, as the primary one disrupts the fragile structure of the glymphatic system, so when the second happens, the capability to empty the edema and mobile particles that consequence from it’s radically diminished.

Many colleagues additionally consider the glymphatics clarify a couple of constant observations they make in sufferers with power debilitating sicknesses (e.g., power fatigue syndrome). Impaired sleep is often seen in these sufferers, impaired sleep seems to have vital opposed results on their situation, and vital advantages are sometimes noticed if the affected person’s sleep could be improved.

Observe: The significance of the glymphatic system is additional mentioned on this article on the causes of Alzheimer’s illness.

Mysteries of Microcirculation

A constant sample emerges when every circulatory pathway is checked out within the physique. Tiny areas with no extrinsic pressure driving their circulation (or solely a really small one) concurrently require an everyday fluid motion occurring via them, and with out that circulation, life can’t perform.

rbc in capillary

Observe: This additionally applies to capillaries which regularly have single strains of blood cells squeezing via tubes the identical dimension as them.

The quick thought I had once I reviewed the anatomy of every was, “no marvel impairing physiologic zeta potential could be so devastating right here. I don’t know how this method might transfer if any of the fluid in it had been to be clumped collectively.”

Observe: Colleagues and I often observe quite a lot of power degenerative illnesses and refined impairments (that always go largely unnoticed) that come up from impaired microcirculation of the physique, which I now consider replicate the widespread disruptions to the physiologic zeta potential trendy society creates.

Others have additionally puzzled what makes circulation inside the physique attainable. A lot of this got here from Rudolf Steiner, an Austrian mystic who made quite a lot of observations in regards to the pure world that impressed generations to comply with his work. One of many factors he made to his college students was the urgency of recognizing that the guts was not a pump.

Due to this, numerous medical doctors who comply with his work have appeared for proof difficult the notion the guts is a hydraulic pump that strikes your entire circulatory system. They, in flip, have recognized quite a lot of observations that recommend strain generated by the guts will not be the driving pressure of circulation; as a substitute, one thing unbiased of the guts’s pumping motion causes blood to maneuver within the physique.

For instance, spontaneous circulation could be noticed in a creating embryo earlier than the event of its coronary heart, and the circulation and pressures noticed within the physique are often inconsistent with the strain the guts generates being the driving pressure behind blood circulation. Many of those observations are detailed in this long-forgotten paper.

After I’ve thought this query over at size, it doesn’t appear in any means lifelike that the guts might present sufficient pressure to maneuver the purple blood cells via each capillary within the physique. Nevertheless, if that’s the case, just like the above examples, the query once more turns into, “what’s inflicting the fluids contained in the physique to maneuver?”

Proton Induced Movement

Pollack and his workforce occurred upon an opportunity discovery of their laboratory (mentioned in nice element inside this paper), which finally offered a solution to the mysteries of circulation.

“Fluid generally flows in response to an exterior strain gradient. Nevertheless, when a tunnel-containing hydrogel [which contains liquid crystalline water] is immersed in water, spontaneous circulation happens via the tunnel with none strain gradient. We confirmed this circulation in a variety of plant- and animal-derived hydrogels.

The circulation seems to be pushed by axial focus gradients originating from floor actions of the tunnel wall. These actions embody (i) hydrogel-water interplay and (ii) materials alternate throughout the tunnel boundary.”

As acknowledged above, liquid crystalline water (which Pollack phrases EZ water) requires ambient infrared power and a polar floor to kind on. A curious phenomenon then happens when that floor strains the within of a tube (which, so far as I do know, is the case for each fluid vessel within the physique) — the liquid crystalline water lining the tube causes water to circulation spontaneously via it.

EZs [regions of liquid crystalline water] had been studied beforehand by immersing sections of tubes product of a strongly hydrophilic materials, Nafion, in aqueous microsphere suspensions.

A microsphere-free EZ developed adjoining to the tube floor. Within the central core of the tube, the motion of the microspheres demonstrated a circulation, constantly sustaining itself at a velocity of ~10 μm/s within the axial path [from the start to end of the tube].

Equally, EZ and circulation had been additionally noticed in tunnels lodged inside numerous hydrogels. The gel supplies included polyethylene glycol, poly(vinyl alcohol), and poly(acrylic acid). Then again, circulation was not noticed in tubes constructed of hydrophobic supplies comparable to Teflon [and others], which don’t generate EZs. The presence of EZ seemed to be a needed situation.

Since liquid crystalline water’s formation requires ambient radiant power to kind (e.g., the infrared power current in mild), its presence was discovered to affect the circulation that was noticed.

We discovered that elevated infrared power considerably elevated the circulation velocity (Fig. 3B). Since incident radiant power (mild) fuels EZ enlargement, that power could likewise gas the self-driven circulation. We confirmed that utility of ultraviolet-containing white mild might enhance circulation velocity by as much as 500%. Thus, the self-driven circulation mechanism can convert radiant power into kinetic power.

Pollack theorized this circulation was generated by the mutual repulsion created between the positively charged protons (hydrogen atoms) which can be expelled as water (H2O) transitions to liquid crystalline (H3O2) water. That formation course of is additional defined in half one of this sequence. Just a few extra observations assist this speculation. The primary is that protons are regularly added to the water that passes via:

“We discovered that the exiting water had a decrease pH worth than the getting into water; the pH distinction exceeded one unit and by no means diminished — even after half-hour of steady circulation. Whereas we nonetheless could not resolve the quantitative situation, we did set up that the passing water continued to obtain protons from the annular EZ with out diminution, even over prolonged intervals of time.”

Observe: In subsequent experimental designs, Pollack has demonstrated this circulation can persist for hours to days.

The second was that circulation was best in slender tubes:

“One other prediction of the proton-gradient speculation is that the circulation ought to be quicker in narrower tunnels. Assuming the proton-release price per unit space of the annular EZ is spatially invariant, then, since lowered tunnel diameter means elevated surface-to-volume ratio, a narrower tunnel ought to result in the next proton focus within the core (see Fig. 3A).

This ends in the next proton gradient (assuming the tub’s proton focus stays unchanged), which, in flip, ought to result in quicker circulation within the narrower tunnels.”

The third was that the path circulation was at all times from the narrower finish of a tube to the broader finish:

“A typical characteristic shared among the many numerous flows was the path — at all times towards the area with bigger cross part or quantity. Thus, when a narrower tunnel lies in sequence with a wider tunnel, the proton gradient ought to level from the narrower to the broader part, as constantly noticed.”

Likewise, in every case the place it may be noticed, every fluid conduit is lined with a fabric acknowledged to create liquid crystalline water. For instance, all blood vessels, together with the smallest capillaries, are lined with a protecting glycocalyx. As mentioned in the second a part of this sequence, the glycocalyx is remarkably nicely suited to creating liquid crystalline water on its floor, and Pollack and others have repeatedly noticed its presence there.

The organic circulation of fluids that’s unbiased of a central pump has additionally been explored in animals:

“Then again, blood can apparently circulation with out a beating coronary heart. After the guts had been arrested, postmortem blood circulation was confirmed in mice, rats, canine, and chick 30 embryos (4-7). The circulation continued from quarter-hour to a number of hours. Moreover, some 31 amphibian larvae might reside as much as 15 days, and even differentiate following surgical 32 elimination of the guts (8-10), implying an alternate means for propelling blood.

Right here, in an avian circulatory mannequin, we affirm a number of predictions arising from this circulation mechanism. First, circulation continues after cardiac ejection has been stopped; this means some driving mechanism past ventricular ejection.

Second, IR power fuels this circulation, each within the autopsy state of affairs and likewise within the regular physiological state. All of this demonstrates the existence of a second driver of blood circulation, past the guts: the vessels, themselves.”

Different organisms additionally make the most of this mechanism. Crops require vital inside transportation of water (e.g., take into account how excessive bushes should pull water from deep underground to maintain themselves) however shouldn’t have any pumping organ which might facilitate this exercise.

“To discover the generality of the self-driven circulation, we examined various hydrogels. They comprised plant-derived hydrogels together with agarose, agar, and starch, in addition to animal-derived hydrogels together with collagen and gelatin. These hydrogels, starting from polysaccharides to proteins, had been chosen on the premise of their broad look in nature and extensive utility in science and expertise.”

Within the lab, Pollack demonstrated that the xylem (the vessel vegetation use to move water) creates liquid crystalline water. Pollack has additionally proven that the circulation created by liquid crystalline water permits it to beat the resistance of gravity and climb up tubes (a generally noticed phenomenon generally known as capillary motion).

Moreover, Pollack has additionally demonstrated that the random spontaneous motion noticed in water (generally known as Brownian movement) is influenced by mild. This means it’s seemingly because of the movement created by liquid crystalline water.

In contrast to the tube examples mentioned on this part, the place one thing exists to direct the circulation created by the cost repulsion between hydrogen atoms, generally, that construction will not be current, and random movement as a substitute happens when tiny particles in water create exclusion zones round themselves.

Route of Circulatory Move

Pollack’s mannequin reveals that the liquid crystalline water goes from the realm of highest to lowest proton gradients, which, generally, means going from a narrower to a wider conduit. That is vital for an additional cause — it mirrors the path of fluid circulation within the physique in areas with minimal to non-existent pumping mechanisms. This once more suggests the utilization of liquid crystalline water is prime to the physique’s design.

For instance, when blood exits the smallest blood arteries and enters the capillaries (the place a lot of it leaves the circulation to nourish the tissues), it should then circulation into the smallest veins, which merge right into a a lot bigger and extra highly effective circulation because the veins be a part of collectively into bigger and bigger veins. On the capillaries, no strain exists to function a pump, but the ability behind the circulation by no means stops, so one thing else have to be at work.

Because the smallest veins are 3 times the dimensions of the smallest arteries (and proceed increasing), a pure path of circulation from the smallest arteries to veins is created. Equally, the lymphatic system (which has quite a lot of weaker pumps acknowledged to fail in numerous complicated sicknesses) additionally begins off as tiny lymphatic vessels that finally gather in a lot bigger lymphatic vessels.

On the similar time, nonetheless, since a lot of the arterial circulation goes from bigger to smaller vessels, the image is a little more complicated and required Pollack to check it straight.

“Because the mannequin predicted, the circulation within the giant, near-heart arteries was certainly reverse to the pure path simply after the guts stopped beating. Therefore, mannequin predictions seem to match experimental observations for all vessel beds [this implies the hearts contractions does plays a key role in the direction of arterial blood flow].

If the circulation in arteries is towards the circulation within the capillaries and the veins, a pure query is: who performs the dominating position? The reply ought to be the capillaries and the veins: in comparison with the arterioles, the venules [smallest veins] are greater in quantity; thus, extra venules can generate circulation. This conclusion is verified by the dynamics of the postmortem arterial blood circulation.

Postmortem circulation in bigger arteries was initially within the reversed path, not the pure path.

But, the circulation regularly resumed its pure path from the peripheral area of the arterial community, indicating that the blood flowed into the capillaries and the veins. Because the non-beating coronary heart stopped replenishing blood to the arteries, in the end, the arteries emptied.

The emptied arteries point out that the circulation driving capability of capillaries and veins exceeds that of the arteries. Thus, all blood vessels drive the blood in the direction of the pure path.”

Observe: Elements that have an effect on the focus of what’s dissolved in water (e.g., evaporation or substances leaving the blood, comparable to what occurs on the capillary mattress) also can have an effect on the liquid crystalline water-induced circulation, in some instances reversing its path. Since this topic is complicated, it is not going to be coated on this article.

The Spike Protein and Zeta Potential

In late 2019, I spotted COVID-19 would flip into an enormous drawback. Due to this, I contacted my colleagues who, not like me, had been working towards in areas I anticipated to be laborious hit by it (e.g., New York Metropolis) and advised them they wanted to arrange for what was coming and stockpile private protecting tools.

Most of them didn’t take heed to me, however due to the sooner dialog, as soon as COVID-19 began inside the USA, they had been prepared to share their scientific observations with me. One of many issues I heard repeatedly was reviews suggesting irregular stagnation was occurring within the fluids of their sufferers (blood clots being one, however certainly not the one instance).

I maintain the beliefs that some of the frequent issues that’s noticed in hospitalized sufferers is an impaired physiologic zeta potential, that people who had pre-existing impairment of their zeta potential usually tend to be hospitalized, and that the routine therapy we reflexively give most hospitalized sufferers, intravenous fluids really “works” as a result of it partially restores the physiologic zeta potential.

Observe: Among the finest latest items of proof I heard for this concept was Pierre Kory’s statement that often, bedside ultrasound within the vital care unit would present the blood within the largest veins of the physique will is clumping collectively and that this signal sometimes instantly precedes demise.

This statement mirrors what investigators over 50 years in the past present in monkeys contaminated with malaria — that because the an infection progressed, blood clumping would happen in bigger and bigger blood vessels.

As soon as it occurred within the largest vessels, demise would instantly comply with (until one thing was offered to stop the clumping). This development of blood clumping collectively first within the smallest after which finally the most important vessels as illness severity will increase additionally mirrors a few of the traditional diagnostic fashions inside Chinese language Drugs.

Lots of the observations my colleagues on the early entrance strains of COVID-19 shared with me mirrored what I had beforehand related to excessive disruptions of zeta potential, one thing which had not been noticed with the unique SARS virus (SARS-CoV-1). This then raised the query, why does SARS-CoV-2 do this?

After taking a look at it for some time, I concluded it needed to be the excessive optimistic cost density distinctive to the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein. This grew to become the unique cause for my concern with the vaccine. Since then, many indicators have emerged that the spike protein straight impacts zeta potential. These embody:

Modeling exhibiting the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein adversely impacts physiologic zeta potential.

Among the uncommon traits of COVID-19 (e.g., the low blood oxygenation arising within the peripheral however not central vessels) being attributable to its zeta potential induced microclotting. One latest examine supporting this hyperlink confirmed athletes who obtained the vaccine skilled a decline of their oxygen uptake.

Among the therapeutic advantages (e.g., from ivermectin or ozone) seen in hospitalized sufferers, comparable to improved oxygen uptake occurring instantly following therapy, one thing that’s almost definitely solely attainable to attribute to a fast dispersion of blood clotting.

Ivermectin being straight demonstrated to disperse spike protein-induced blood clumping (microclotting).

Vaccine injured sufferers and “regular” vaccinated sufferers creating refined cranial nerve palsy’s indicative of microstrokes having occurred (I’m stunned at how frequent that is, significantly with the abducens nerve, and as soon as I level it out to my colleagues they’ll usually establish them). Lots of the different signs generally related to COVID-19 vaccine accidents are additionally issues I had beforehand discovered to affiliate with poor zeta potential.

Everybody performing reside blood cell evaluation observing blood clumping occurring in vaccinated blood (e.g., see this examine).

Vaccine-injured sufferers enhancing from quite a lot of therapies directed at restoring physiologic zeta potential.


As I’ve checked out this topic, the questions I maintain returning to was, “what’s the relationship between zeta potential and liquid crystalline water?” and, “is the spike protein’s results on the liquid crystalline water of the physique a part of its toxicity?” These had been essentially the most difficult query to reply once I wrote this sequence and what a lot of my analysis was directed in the direction of.

To supply an outline of what I’ve discovered, a few of the advantages and results attributed to enhancing physiologic zeta potential may very well be attributable to rising the formation of liquid crystalline water (and vice versa). Equally, many components that enhance considered one of these additionally enhance the opposite (as do components that worsen them).

Within the subsequent a part of this sequence, I’ve performed my greatest to elucidate my understanding of the connection between the 2 of those. This, I’ve decided is critical to elucidate all the approaches I’ve recognized which might enhance the liquid crystalline water within the physique and enhance its zeta potential, that are then coated within the remaining a part of the sequence.

I thanks for following this sequence and your form assist that has made this Substack attainable. Lastly, I apologize within the delay in attending to this a part of it, as because of the turbulent instances we reside in, so many different issues got here up I felt urgently wanted to be written about first.

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A Midwestern Physician (AMD) is a board-certified doctor within the Midwest and a longtime reader of I recognize his distinctive perception on a variety of subjects and I am grateful to share them. I additionally respect his want to stay nameless as he’s nonetheless on the entrance strains treating sufferers. To search out extra of AMD’s work, you should definitely take a look at The Forgotten Facet of Drugs on Substack.



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