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The Science Behind Mantra Chanting

The Science Behind Mantra Chanting
Excerpt of an Interview with Jonathan Goldman
by Vandana Mohata


1) What’s the science behind Mantra chanting?

There are a variety of various “sciences” behind mantric chanting. A few of these are the “arduous” science—physics, psycho-acoustics, and many others. A few of these are religious sciences such because the totally different yogic practices that work with sound. I write about lots of them in HEALING SOUNDS and my different books.

On one degree, as noticed years in the past by Dr. Herbert Benson, mantric chanting helps induce the “rest” response, inflicting discount of coronary heart beat, mind waves and respiration. On one other degree, as Dr. David Shananoff-Khalsa believes, mantric recitation allows the tongue to stimulate the acupuncture meridians contained in the mouth (significantly on the roof), thus enhancing the impact. Dr. Ranjie Singe discovered that the chanting of particular mantras precipitated the discharge of the hormone melatonin and is investigating the significance of this within the therapeutic course of. He additionally discovered many advantages together with shrinkage of tumors and enhanced sleep. He writes about these ends in his e-book POWERFUL SELF HEALING TECHNIQUES.

It’s additionally been discovered that self created sounds equivalent to chanting will trigger the left and proper hemispheres of the mind to synchronize. Such chanting may even assist oxygenate the mind, scale back our coronary heart fee, blood stress and help in creating calm brainwave exercise. As well as, listening to sure chants has nice useful results.

Dr. Alfred Tomatis utilized the sounds of Gregorian Monks to stimulate the ears, mind and nervous methods of shoppers. His work is essential with regard to the scientific and medical makes use of of sound and chant. He discovered that sure sounds which might be significantly excessive in vocal harmonics will stimulate and cost the cortex of the mind and the nervous system. There have been plenty of extremely popular recordings of Gregorian chanting that been launched since this analysis was made public. I do know that many different varieties of chanting from totally different traditions have very related results. These are only a few of the arduous bodily phenomenon of mantric chanting which have been noticed. There definitely are others, as effectively.

Some imagine that the recitation of sacred mantras truly causes the bodily and etheric our bodies to alter their vibrational frequency degree—turning into extra attuned, when you like, with divine power. Thus, when one chants a mantra for an prolonged time frame to invoke, for instance some deity, the upper energies of that deity will encode upon the chanter. That is one function for a lot mantric chanting—to turn into one and unite with the power of the deity that one is chanting for. If the individual has some illness or imbalance, this imbalance can often be launched by having the power of the deity encode itself upon the individual. This truly comes from the idea of vibrational (versus allopathic) medication, which is the idea of many therapeutic modalities, together with homeopathy and acupuncture—that each one the universe together with our our bodies, is solely product of vibration—an idea, by the way, that the brand new Superstring principle of physics helps. All the pieces is in a state of vibration and after we are in a pure, resonant vibration, we’re in a state of well being. But when some a part of the physique begins to vibrate at a counter frequency, the power turns into caught and illness units in. Subsequently, by mantric chanting, one may cause caught power to turn into launched, and we are able to return to our pure state of resonance, effecting a remedy.

I’ve, by the way, noticed this phenomenon many occasions throughout workshops. We can be reciting a mantra to invoke a selected entity—maybe Tara, Tibetan Goddess of Compassion for instance, as a way to higher embody the power of compassion. Nonetheless, throughout and after the method, I’ve seen individuals with persistent well being issues emerge from the chanting fairly wholesome. It’s superb.

There are in fact, precise therapeutic mantras in addition to particular mantras to stability and align the chakras. Chakras are the energetic wheels of sunshine that transduce refined power into the physique. They arrive from the Hindu custom, however as famous in my e-book HEALING SOUNDS, comparable power facilities are present in virtually all the esoteric traditions on the planet. I’ve studied using sound to impact the chakras for over 40 years. Mantras are significantly efficient for this function. The normal Bija Mantras are one instance of a system for utilizing sound to activate and stability the energies related to the 7 foremost chakras. We work with these tones in workshops and healings have been recognized to happen as a result of balancing and alignment of the chakras. Psychic and mystics from all totally different religious paths can sense, see, really feel or hear these power facilities. We might not but have scientific gear that may adequately detect the chakras, however that doesn’t imply they don’t exist. Nonetheless, intriguing work is being completed to develop gear to measure chakras, so maybe it’s only a matter of time earlier than the scientific and medical communities will acknowledge them, as they’re starting to acknowledge acupuncture meridians.

2) Are you able to inform us something concerning the historical past and origin of chanting and hint it to the current stage-what is the extent of consciousness of chanting & sound therapeutic in current day & age?

This is a wonderful query, however one which really requires a e-book size reply to cowl all of the facets inherent on this query. I’ll do my greatest to aim to a brief reply. Merely put, I’ll inform you that there’s just about no custom, no tradition, which doesn’t embody chanting of some type as a religious and well being follow. The recitation of prayers is discovered worldwide and has been with us for the reason that daybreak of humankind. Within the Hindu, Buddhist, Christian, Islamic and Hebrew traditions, you’ve some type of chanting of prayer or recitation of a Divine title. Whether or not it’s a shamanic or pagan custom, you should have some side of chanting that could possibly be thought of mantric chanting of their rituals and prayers. Typically these chants are used to invoke Divine entities. Different occasions they’re used for therapeutic or to ask for some benevolent course of like bringing rain. With regard to current day and age, we’re seeing extra curiosity, consciousness and use of chanting for well being and wellness. A few of it’s based mostly upon the conclusion by 2lst century those that there truly is one thing greater than pure “superstition” happening throughout chanting—that there are precise physiological adjustments occurring. Our nervous system, for instance, is being affected by our personal self created sounds. And thru this many extraordinary shifts and adjustments within the physique and thoughts can occur. Additionally, many individuals notice that utilizing chanting creates a way to immediately entry greater states of consciousness. The flexibility of sound to create altered consciousness is extraordinarily highly effective and necessary to people who find themselves on the lookout for extra which means out of their lives.

3) Can the ability of sound alter mobile construction and molecular structure- the DNA encoding and many others? Any documented proof? Any current scientific analysis on the above?

There isn’t a query that sound can alter molecular construction. Within the 1960’s, a medical physician named Hans Jenny carried out experiments that confirmed that sound was capable of truly create type in numerous substances equivalent to plastics, plastes, liquids and water. He would place these substances—powders, and many others. on a metal plate after which utilizing a crystal oscillator, vibrate these plates with sound. The assorted substances took on probably the most natural trying shapes—they appear like microscopic organisms or underwater life. Fairly astounding. He known as this work Cymatics.

Masuru Emoto of Japan demonstrated that water molecules are literally affected by sound and our intention. Intention, by the way, is our ideas, our emotions—it’s the power behind the sounds that we create. I’ll discuss this later. Emoto discovered that clear water appeared like a snowflake—very geometric. Polluted water seems like mud. Emoto has pictures of polluted water, which at first appear like mud. After a priest has chanted over this water, it’s photographed once more. This time, the water seems like a snowflake—the sound and intentionality has restored it to its pure pristine harmonious form.

Emoto photos of water earlier than and after chanting

On a associated word, the French acupuncturist and sound healer Fabian Maman has completed work involving Kirlian pictures of hemoglobin blood cells that have been uncovered to totally different sounds. Specifically, he took pictures of blood cells uncovered to an ascending chromatic scale—C, C#, D, and many others created on a xylophone. Every word effected the cell in a different way, creating a special form and totally different Kirlian coloration. Fabian’s experiments show clearly that mobile construction and power are affected by sound. His photos are fairly extraordinary!

4) Whereas chanting, what’s the function of intention on the human physique?  I did see the impact of intention within the works of Japanese researcher Mr. Masaru Emoto on have an effect on the molecular construction of water, however we wish to know the know the impact on human physique?

A few years in the past, after I was gathering info for a grasp’s thesis on the therapeutic and therapeutic properties of sound, along with specializing in using sound to have an effect on the chakras,  I additionally checked out using sound to have an effect on totally different organs, in addition to totally different circumstances. What I discovered was that there have been many various faculties of sound therapeutic based mostly upon totally different lecturers and totally different traditions. These totally different faculties may use the identical mantra to resonate totally different chakras—with nice success. Or they may use totally different mantras to resonate the identical chakra. Om, for instance, might resonate the center chakra, or it might resonate the throat chakra, or the third eye or crown or no matter. It depended upon the trail and the trainer.

I bear in mind sitting at my desk being fairly confused. How might this all work? I distinctly heard a voice saying “It’s not solely the sound that creates the impact of the sound, but additionally the intention of the individual making the sound.” Instantly, every little thing made sense and was clear. I understood. Sure, the intention—the power behind the sound was an equal a part of the impact of the sound. This power of intent was carried upon the sound wave and was truly was equally answerable for the impact of the sound. It was a significant “aha” second, and I instantly wrote down the formulation “Frequency + Intent = Therapeutic.” For many individuals, this has been a type of unified principle of sound therapeutic as a result of it is ready to carry collectively the variations in many various faculties and many various beliefs.

Trance Tara CD CoverI additionally created the formulation, “Vocalization + Visualization = Manifestation”, which could be very related and is especially related with regard to chanting and mantras. Which means the visualization of the chanter coupled with or mantra the sound being chanted creates the impact.  For instance, In case you are chanting for a selected deity, it helps to have the ability to visualize that deity so as the invoke and embody the impact. Really, some persons are not nice a visualizing, so if they’ll merely “really feel” the power of the mantra, it really works simply as effectively. In case you have bother visualizing Tara, however you possibly can really feel the power of compassion when you are chanting the Tara mantra, it’ll actually assist and help the manifestation of compassion. The identical factor is true when you’re making sounds to resonate the chakras. It’s good to have the ability to direct your consideration and intention when you’re making an attempt to resonate a specific chakra with sound. This can be a main key to working with sound—to make use of the ability of consciousness to focus our consideration and intention on what the sound is doing.

5) Is mantra chanting and sound therapeutic the following frontier in science, taking part in a major function in therapeutic, eradicating the necessity for allopathic therapy?

I’d prefer to counsel that till all of us transfer into one other dimension of consciousness the place ideas immediately create actuality, there’ll all the time be some want for allopathic therapy. And coming from a household of allopathic physicians, I actually wish to honor allopathic medication. I feel that we should always understand of all vibrational medical remedies, whether or not it’s sound or no matter, as being complementary with allopathic medication. I feel that is actually necessary as a result of then the totally different modalities can work collectively, versus being adversarial—an “us and them” mentality. Quite than “different” medication , let’s use the phrase “complementary” and resonate with one another. Cooperation, not competitors—I feel that’s an actual key to our continuation and evolution as a species within the upcoming years.

6) There appear to be many various faculty of ideas on chanting? Which is the simplest for well being and therapeutic?

I imagine that whichever system or faculty of chanting works for you is the very best. . Keep in mind, “Frequency plus Intent equals Therapeutic,” so if one thing resonates strongly with you, it in all probability can be simplest for you. If it doesn’t really feel good or correct for you, it in all probability received’t be that efficient. Some individuals can work with a mantra containing hundred syllable —others can work solely with a mantra with one or two syllables. Maybe they merely can’t bear in mind extra syllables. No matter—but, extra shouldn’t be essentially higher. And fewer shouldn’t be essentially higher. It relies upon upon the individual. And the time and place and want of the person. And likewise keep in mind that we’re all distinctive vibratory beings, in order that what works for one individual might not work for an additional individual. And we’re all in a continuing state of frequency shifting, in order that one thing that will not work at some point (or week, month or 12 months), might abruptly resonate very in a different way with you at one other time. Belief your interior knowledge and steerage. And imagine and perceive that sound has the power to create profound and fantastic adjustments.

I’m going to go away you with a narrative that I first heard from Dr. Randall McClellan, writer of HEALING FORCES OF MUSIC. I imagine it’s very previous, however I prefer to credit score Dr. McClellan, who was an ideal affect on me a few years in the past. I feel this story illustrates one thing necessary about sound, and significantly about mantras.

In an unique nation, there was a person who had a musical instrument that he would play all day lengthy. The instrument had many various strings, however all he would do was pluck one string—the identical string and identical word over and over and once more. Sooner or later his spouse stated to him “Expensive—you’ve this glorious instrument and also you sit and play all of it day lengthy, however all you do is hit this one string over and over and once more. The instrument has many various strings. All your pals have this identical instrument and so they play all of the totally different strings, making many various notes and creating fantastic melodies and songs. All you do, hour after hour, day after day, is play that very same string and that very same word over and over and once more. Why is that?” His spouse was clearly very exasperated and confused. The person checked out his spouse and gently smiled. “My pricey spouse who I really like past all measure,” he stated, “thanks for bringing that to my consideration. And now right here is the reply. That’s as a result of they’re all nonetheless trying to find their word, whereas I’ve discovered mine.”

Might all of us discover our personal sound. And should we use this sound to help private and planetary therapeutic.

I ship Blessings of Mild & Love by way of Sound to all!




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