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RAW Vs POLISHED Crystals: Which Is Extra Highly effective?

What’s the distinction between uncooked vs polished crystals for crystal therapeutic? Which is healthier? Are uncooked and pure crystals extra highly effective? Does slicing or sharpening crystals weaken their vitality? Right here’s my take…

Uncooked Vs Polished Crystals: The Large Debate

This will typically be a little bit of a controversial matter within the crystal therapeutic neighborhood. As I get numerous questions on this I wish to cowl it in additional element right here. I wish to make clear what I imagine and why I believe this to hopefully clear up any confusion.

📌 PLEASE NOTE: This text isn’t about anybody’s private choice. You might favor one sort over the opposite and that’s tremendous.

I’ve been working with crystals for a few years however that is simply my perspective. You may make up your personal thoughts. First, I wish to blow a delusion proper out of the water…

Raw Vs polished crystals
Uncooked Vs polished crystals is a scorching matter within the crystal neighborhood

Crystal Fable Busting

You’ll have been advised by somebody that crystals which might be carved into shapes or polished have weak or no vitality… For my part, this can be a trendy false impression. It typically comes from virtue-signalling crystal puritans and new age fanatics on-line.

Though they’re free to imagine this, it is not sensible in a scientific, metaphysical or historic sense to me. Let me clarify why…

Remembering The Roots Of Crystal Therapeutic

My largest downside with these excessive concepts is that they present a whole lack of understanding concerning the non secular and cultural historical past of crystals, minerals and gems. Fashionable crystal therapeutic exists due to these earlier traditions.

The traditional Egyptians, Chinese language, Greeks, Romans, Mayans and Indians (to call only a few) weren’t silly. They minimize, carved and polished crystals and minerals for non secular functions. Watch out of throwing priceless historic information out the window…

The Masks of Tutankhamun

The funerary masks of Tutankhamun is produced from Gold, Lapis Lazuli, Quartz, Obsidian, Carnelian, Amazonite and Turquoise.

Crystal Construction Is Infinite

Crystals have an inner crystal sample that repeats all through them. It makes no distinction in case you have a Quartz crystal level, tumbled stone, carving or grain of Quartz sand. Even with non-crystalline minerals, they’re nonetheless manufactured from the identical parts all through.

Different natural and polished crystal shapes and forms
Totally different pure and polished crystal shapes and kinds

The Energy Of Sacred Geometry

A few of the shapes crystals and gems are minimize into use geometric kinds. Sacred geometry happens in all places in nature, together with within the crystal’s inner construction and outer formations. However this metaphysical science applies to ALL kinds, together with mad-made ones.

The circle of stones at Stonehenge for instance or the Nice pyramid don’t have low or no vitality simply because the stones they’re produced from have been minimize and moved into place by individuals (or ETs). The ancients constructed sacred websites to harness and amplify the pure non secular vitality of the situation.

Stonehenge is simply one of many a whole bunch of stone circles

Does slicing, carving or sharpening hurt the crystal?

I’ve been speaking with and sensing the vitality of crystals for a few years. In that point they’ve by no means advised me this or had any such vitality. Crystals are acutely aware however they don’t seem to be like a human with a finite our bodies. They’re so past that.

Crystals have a function and wish to attain individuals to serve the higher good. This may occasionally contain splitting into extra variations of themselves. Transformation of type is a part of alchemy and the character of the universe.

Additionally, Contemplate This…

You will notice individuals say they solely work with uncooked crystals however I can think about this should be very limiting. For instance, do these individuals not have any Rose Quartz? A lot of the Earth’s Rose Quartz grows in huge type. Even in case you have a uncooked chunk, it was damaged into smaller items by somebody…

Let’s Get Actual About Crystals & Minerals

Even when they solely put on uncooked crystal jewelry, the place do they assume Silver, Gold and Copper come from? These are all crystals that develop within the Earth. Your silver was break up from the unique formation (or extracted from ore), and melted down, altering its crystal construction and outer type. Gold and Sterling Silver even add different minerals to them like tin to create these wearable metals.

The place do individuals assume their houses bricks, tiles and flagstones come from? What concerning the metals of their automobiles, trendy know-how, wires and pipes? Is the quartz of their home windows, glasses and ceramic plates any totally different?

Whereas we’re with regards to acutely aware life kinds. What about all of the wooden in individuals’s homes and furnishings? In contrast to crystals and minerals, a tree dies whenever you chop it down. The place do you draw the road?

The Distinction Between Uncooked Vs Polished Crystals

There’s a distinction between uncooked vs polished crystals, energetically. Nevertheless it’s not what some individuals assume. I work with each. Neither is healthier than the opposite, it’s extra about what you want the crystal for. Let me clarify the professionals and cons of each under individually:

Crystal Grids Power Book

Uncooked Crystals: Professionals & Cons

Pure crystals are stunning creations from nature. Typically, uncooked crystals may give off robust vitality. However, highly effective vitality isn’t all the time ultimate in all conditions. If the crystal is huge, this may be very intense and overwhelming to some individuals.

Uncooked crystals are nice for putting round your property, gridding or meditating with. Angular or fragile crystals should not ultimate for carrying on you. They’ll poke you or simply chip or break.

Additionally, do not forget that some crystals are poisonous and also you don’t need them to shed onto your pores and skin. Sharpening stabilises the floor which normally stops them from shedding.

Raw Amethyst Cluster
Uncooked Amethyst Cluster

Polished Crystals: Professionals & Cons

Slicing and sharpening a crystal can deliver out its hidden inside magnificence. You simply can’t see this with uncooked crystals like Labradorite, Fluorite or Phantom Quartz in any other case. Typically, sharpening appears to melt and regulate the vitality of a crystal.

This makes it simpler to obtain their vitality steadily over time resembling in jewelry or chakra crystals for instance. Nonetheless, some geometric kinds like pyramids, spheres or factors can amplify and focus the vitality differently.

That’s another excuse the ancients did this. Working with totally different shapes and kinds provides which means and enhances sure properties of the stones. Sharpening additionally makes crystals extra snug to hold and put on like tumbled stones.

Polished Labradorite Palm Stone
Polished Labradorite Palm Stone

In Abstract

Right here’s a really fast recap of the primary advantages of uncooked and polished crystals. Please watch my quick YouTube video:

Hopefully, you possibly can see that each sorts of crystal kinds have the identical quantity of vitality. It’s simply that they launch their vitality in numerous methods. (PLEASE maintain any questions you may have concise and stick with this weblog submit matter in order for you a response).

In case you are on the lookout for different data please use the search field or go to my FREE Sources web page to see if it’s already been lined elsewhere.

With gratitude,


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