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How Many Protein Bars Ought to You Eat a Day? – Amrita Well being Meals

Protein bars are cherished and loved by many within the health business and are a preferred snack. That is largely as a result of they’re wholesome and style superb, which makes you wish to eat as lots of them.

However the query arises: what number of protein bars a day is taken into account wholesome for on a regular basis consumption?

On this information, we’ll cowl what number of protein bars it is best to eat per day, what occurs for those who eat too many protein bars, and the way to decide on the healthiest protein bar on the market.

Protein Bar Vitamin

Protein bars have excessive dietary worth, however not all of them are created equal.

Some manufacturers deal with clear protein bars and use solely pure elements.

Right here’s a breakdown of the highest 3 protein bar manufacturers on the market:

1 serving Protein Dietary Fiber Whole Sugar Energy
Clif Bar 10g 5g 17g 250
RXBAR 12g 5g 13g 210
Amrita Well being Meals 15g 7g 9g 240

How Many Protein Bars Ought to You Eat a Day?

One or two protein bars per day is the really useful restrict for most people.

Usually talking, there isn’t a have to have greater than 1-2 protein bars a day. Protein bars aren’t meal replacements and shouldn’t be used as an alternative of wholesome, balanced meals.

So, for those who’re making an attempt to get extra protein, you’ll profit extra from getting it from pure, lean protein sources by your meals.

What Occurs If You Devour Too Many Protein Bars?

If you happen to actually love protein bars and infrequently fall into the snacking temptation, it is best to first take into account all of the well being dangers that include consuming too many protein bars.

Most protein bar manufacturers on the market use synthetic elements and added sugars, which may pose a number of well being dangers. Nonetheless, the principle drawback right here is protein, which may pressure the kidneys and liver and result in many different points if not consumed inside limits.

A few of the dangers that include consuming too many protein bars are:

Digestive Points:

Most protein bars include sugar alcohol and excessive quantities of fiber, which may trigger bloating, gasoline, and abdomen discomfort. Some could even expertise stomach cramps or ache because of the elements present in protein bars.

That’s why it’s essential to decide on a protein bar model that makes use of solely pure and wholesome elements of their protein bars and hold your intestine wholesome .

Person experiencing stomach pain

Unhealthy Weight Achieve:

Whereas protein bars are a wholesome and filling snack, they’re not a meal alternative and may result in unhealthy weight achieve.

It won’t really feel prefer it, however protein bars are calorie-dense, and you must depend them up into your food plan.

In any other case, what looks like a tiny snack can have a big impact in your weight.

It’s essential to maintain observe of what number of protein bars you’ve consumed and the caloric worth they carry.

Nutrient Imbalance:

Protein bars solely include sure vitamins your physique wants, different elements you must discover in meals.

Overeating protein bars means your physique is getting sufficient energy to operate, however not sufficient nutritional vitamins and minerals for optimum well being.

Actually, protein bars can simply fill your abdomen up and fulfill your urge for food, and for those who don’t eat the required nutritional vitamins, minerals, and vitamins that protein bars don’t carry, your physique will miss essential vitamins vital for optimum well being.

This is the reason consuming protein bars and conserving a balanced food plan is essential for wholesome bodily operate.

Healthy meal

Advantages of Protein Bars

As we talked about, protein bars are a wholesome snack and have many advantages related to them. A few of these advantages embody:

Muscle Progress

Whereas coaching, you tear muscle fibers, which causes them to restore and develop stronger.

Protein is the key issue that’s liable for muscle progress and restoration. The excessive protein content material in protein bars offers your physique all of the important amino acids it wants to completely get better from exercises.

That’s why you’ll see most bodybuilders eat protein powder, protein bars, and different protein-filled merchandise, like protein oats.

Weight Loss

Whereas protein bars are calorie-dense, they often have fewer energy than on a regular basis snacks, which makes them a more healthy choice for people who find themselves on the journey to drop some weight.

The excessive protein content material also can fulfill your starvation and make you’re feeling full sooner, which is able to stop snacking later within the day.

Consuming them within the morning can be an effective way to begin the day whereas boosting your metabolism and conserving your abdomen happy for the following couple of hours.

Person standing on scale

Wholesome Snack

One of many predominant causes protein bars are well-liked just isn’t solely as a result of they’re wholesome but in addition handy.

You’re in a rush and a bit hungry? Protein bars are an excellent on-the-go snack that doesn’t take any time to prepare dinner or put together.

As an alternative of snacking on conventional snacks, like chips, cookies, or crackers, take a wholesome protein bar and provides your physique the vitamins it wants.

Not like many typical snacks that contribute to vitality spikes and crashes, protein bars have a balanced mix of protein, carbohydrates, and fat that present sustained vitality all through the day.

Protein Bar as a snack

What Is The Finest Time To Eat Protein Bars?

Usually talking, protein bars are greatest eaten as a snack after a exercise session or as an vitality enhance for lengthy cardio exercises, like hikes or runs.

Consuming a protein bar inside half-hour of exercising helps your physique restore muscular tissues and get better from the exercise.

Nonetheless, this doesn’t imply you possibly can’t eat them at totally different occasions of the day. Actually, the timing also can impression a number of the advantages you expertise from protein bars.

Pre-Exercise Power Increase

Having a protein bar 30-60 minutes earlier than your train can present your physique with vitality and vitamins, which results in higher exercise efficiency and endurance.

So, if you wish to give your stamina, efficiency, and endurance a lift, give protein bars a strive earlier than figuring out.

Women doing squats in a gym

Earlier than Mattress

If you happen to recurrently expertise cravings through the night time or earlier than mattress, a protein bar is usually a nice answer to that.

A protein bar will serve your physique as a supply of protein and vitamins through the in a single day fasting interval, which decreases the probabilities of you waking up and craving a snack.

How To Select A Wholesome Protein Bar

When selecting a protein bar, it’s essential to select one thing wholesome and scrumptious.

Listed below are some tips that will help you choose a protein bar:

Made with Pure Components

Search for protein bars that include complete meals like seeds, and dried fruits . Keep away from bars with synthetic components, preservatives, and high-fructose corn syrup.

This fashion, you’ll solely be consuming complete, wholesome elements.

Take Amrita’s protein bars for instance, we solely use sure elements like fruits, chia seeds, sunflower seeds , and rice or pea protein in our protein bars.

All pure, wholesome elements. Nothing synthetic!

Superfoods in protein bars

Much less Added Sugar

Earlier than shopping for a protein bar, examine the sugar content material.

Most protein bar manufacturers go overboard with added sugar as a result of they wish to add style to their bars.

Search for manufacturers which might be sweetened with pure sweeteners like honey or maple syrup, which don’t result in vitality crashes or pointless weight achieve as added sugar does.

Excessive in Protein

One of many predominant causes you’re shopping for a protein bar is due to the identify, protein.

Search for bars which might be excessive in protein, ideally containing not less than 10 grams of protein per serving. Protein will assist with muscle progress, restore, and total bodily operate.

Some protein bars are increased than others in protein content material. The top-tier ones often include 15g or extra of protein per serving

Low in Energy

If you happen to’re on a journey to drop some weight, it is best to take into account protein bars which have a excessive quantity of protein and a low quantity of energy.

It’s essential to discover a bar that correctly balances vitamins and energy. Ensure you learn the label rigorously and take into account if the protein and nutrient content material is well worth the energy.

Why Plant-Primarily based Protein Bars are Higher Than Whey Protein Bars

Plant-based protein bars have been gaining recognition for many causes that make them a greater various to whey protein bars.

Listed below are a number of the causes it is best to take into account plant-based protein bars over whey protein bars.

Simpler Digestion

Vegan protein bars are simpler to digest in comparison with whey protein bars. Whey protein, being a dairy product, may be tough to digest for some individuals and may result in bloating or gastrointestinal discomfort.

Plant-based protein bars are often derived from sources like peas, brown rice, or hemp, and are gentler on the abdomen and fewer prone to trigger any digestive points.

Fewer Allergens

Whey protein bars are derived from milk and may be problematic to these with dairy allergy symptoms or lactose intolerance.

Vegan protein bars are a safer various, free from widespread allergens like dairy, soy, and gluten.

Amrita’s protein bars are made with a deal with allergy symptoms and are free from the 14 most typical allergens. Spectacular, proper?

Hormones and Antibiotics

Whey protein, sourced from dairy farms, could include hormones and antibiotics utilized in cattle.

Plant-based protein bars are free from these components and are a cleaner protein supply, making them a greater various if you wish to keep away from potential dangers related to added hormones or antibiotics.

Extra Vitamins

Plant-based protein bars usually have loads of vitamins that aren’t present in whey protein bars, like nuts, seeds , fruits, and different wholesome superfoods that give your physique the important nutritional vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.


Protein bars are an excellent, wholesome, and handy snack for these trying to eat extra protein. Nonetheless, it’s essential to pair them with a balanced food plan and an energetic way of life to maximise the advantages of protein bars.



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