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5 Causes You are Nonetheless Hungry, Even If You Simply Ate – BoKU® Superfood

5 Reasons You're Still Hungry, Even If You Just Ate

5 Causes You are Nonetheless Hungry, Even If You Simply Ate

Are you continually feeling hungry even after having a meal? If you are feeling that acquainted grumble after chowing down….you are not alone. Many individuals expertise persistent starvation, and it may be irritating to take care of. Luckily, there are just a few explanation why this may be taking place and a few steps you possibly can take to assist!

Listed below are 5 explanation why you may be feeling hungry on a regular basis, even should you’ve just lately eaten:


Your meals lack important vitamins

In case your meals do not include sufficient important vitamins like protein, fiber, and wholesome fat, your physique could proceed to sign starvation even after consuming. By incorporating the precise vitamins into your weight-reduction plan, your physique shall be satiated longer. Tip: Attempt swapping one meal a day with Boku Tremendous Shake. It has protein, nutritional vitamins minerals, and the macros you should really feel utterly happy. 


You are dehydrated

Thirst can usually be mistaken for starvation, so it is essential to remain hydrated all through the day. Be certain that to drink loads of water all through your day, and kick it up a notch if you’re exercising!

Want one thing a bit extra thrilling than water? Attempt mixing antioxidant-rich Boku Tremendous Berries or Boku Tremendous C Biotic which can flood your system with Vitamin C and gut-helping prebiotics. 


You are careworn

We’ve ALL been right here. Ever been pressed for a deadline and located your self reaching for additional snacks? Or perhaps your to-do record is a mile excessive and abruptly your hand is on the backside of an empty chip bag? (Ahem…responsible).

It isn’t your fault you are reaching for the munchies! Stress can set off the discharge of cortisol, which may improve urge for food and result in overeating. Take into account incorporating stress-reducing adaptogens into your weight-reduction plan like those present in Boku Tremendous Shake or Boku Tremendous Shrooms.


You are not getting sufficient sleep

Lack of sleep can disrupt the hormones that regulate urge for food and improve cravings for high-calorie, high-carb meals. Be sure to’re getting sufficient high quality sleep every night time and think about incorporating sleep-supporting superfoods like valerian root and chamomile into your bedtime routine.


You are not listening to your physique

Generally, we eat out of behavior or boredom slightly than precise starvation. Take a second to examine in along with your physique earlier than reaching for a snack and ask your self should you’re really hungry or if there’s another excuse why you are reaching for meals.


At Boku Superfood, we provide quite a lot of high-quality superfoods that can assist you meet your dietary wants and scale back persistent starvation. From greens to finish superfood meals, our merchandise are designed to help your entire well being and wellness objectives.

Incorporating Boku superfood blends, such because the Tremendous Shake, into your weight-reduction plan may also help you’re feeling fuller for longer and scale back cravings, resulting in a more healthy and extra satisfying relationship with meals.



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